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Sariv was founded in 1990 as a manufacturer of tear rivets and threaded inserts. From the outset the markets were mainly foreign, with the opening of 5 distribution branches in Europe. In 2003 the first owned shed was built and in 2009, thanks to investments in the technological and technical field, there was a change from a “serial” production company to a company specialized in problem solving for fixing solutions.

The continuous development and the need to increase the company know-how leads to the acquisition of an Israeli company in 2014, whose machinery is transferred to the Fontaniva site, allowing to expand the range of tear rivets and threaded inserts produced. In 2016 a new production site is opened next to the previous plant. Currently the rivets designed and manufactured by SARIV are used in most cars produced in Europe.


The main need that prompted Sariv to change its management system was to integrate all the peripheral systems in use within the company, such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System), automated warehouses, PDM, Laser marker.

The company was looking for a management system that could become the communication center of all peripheral systems.


EOS Solutions proposed to Sariv the deployment of Dynamics, the Microsoft ERP now branded Dynamics 365 Business Central, with customizations and additional features guaranteed by the EOS Platform, Data Security, Quality and Bonus & Commissions apps.

The new ERP has become the glue between all peripheral systems. Thanks to Dynamics ERP, production orders are now sent directly to the MES in real time, allowing for constant monitoring of consumption and production through the communication interface.

The warehouse also achieved great benefits: Dynamics controls call flows with the automatic warehouse. Through the pick list in Microsoft Dynamics you can easily manage pallet calls, facilitating shipments of departing material. Further benefits were found within the Modula Warehouse for equipment management.

Finally the interfacing of Microsoft Dynamics ERP with the PDM has allowed the unique creation of the codes and the rapid management of the compilation of the bill.

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The main advantage was to avoid data redundancy. Microsoft Dynamics has become the main command node. All peripheral systems were aligned in real time.

Previously the commercial, logistic, accounting management were operating independently of each other; now, thanks to Dynamics ERP, it is possible to use the necessary information in an integrated and complete way.

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