Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365 & Teams

Move your business securely to the cloud with Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions dedicated to the digital enterprise.

Moving services and resources to the cloud is more than just moving servers; it profoundly changes the game plan. The EOS business line dedicated to Azure for the cloud and Microsoft Modern Workplace for all solutions dedicated to the digital enterprise, has as its first task to inform the customer of this new scheme through an Assessment service.

Microsoft Modern Workplace

The service offered by our Microsoft Azure & Modern Workplace team aims to bring customers to the cloud in an informed manner by providing subscription-based services such as Check and Update security, powered by the Microsoft 365 platform and Azure, which provides up-to-date reporting of the status of enterprise systems and maintains their updates. The service includes proactive telemetry capable of promptly activating EOS resources.

Modern Workplace Assessment

The Assessment service is the basis of a good migration process, to meet criteria such as:

  • Access security
  • Prevention of data loss
  • Simplicity of access to corporate resources to authorized personnel only
  • Staff training

Cloud and Smart Working, security is important

It must be remembered that resources placed on the cloud and set up for smart working are accessible by anyone with credentials. This raises a first point of attention: regulating and controlling access. We at EOS Solutions have created a series of security packages that include both the training part, since you need to educate everyone about the cloud, and the technical organizational part.

Always choose who can see documents

EOS with the Documents & Clients security service based on the Microsoft 365 platform provides a secure and proven solution to track documents and limit or prevent their distribution.

Only if the company is followed by those whose mission is the cloud, and if these criteria are met, will the move to the cloud be safe and full of new opportunities.


Are you interested in starting a cloud project with the AZURE & MODERN WORK PLACE division of EOS?