EOS PowerSuite

Accelerator based on Power BI which includes ready to use analysis models for the main Dynamics NAV application areas

Powerful Business Intelligence functionalities for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

EOS solutions experience enables to modularize each Business Intelligence system on the need of every specific case. A careful eleboration of information enables to have a better comprehension of company perfomance trend, as well as reliable forecast, which allows to guess future scenarios and suggest strategies.

Business Intelligence instrument implementation acts also on the increasing of control, company performance analysis and optimization, on the improvement of decisional processes and financial management.

EOS PowerSuite

How does it work?

EOS PowerSuite for Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers to companies advanced Business Intelligence functionalities which enable them to analyze business data in a quickly and precise way, in order to take weight decisions.

EOS PowerSuite solution, based on Microsoft Power BI, includes ready to use analysis models which cover the main application areas of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  1. sales
  2. finance
  3. inventory
  4. manufacturing
  5. purchase
  6. jobs
  7. service
  8. quality
EOS PowerSuite video tutorial

Video: from the creation of the Datawarehouse through a wizard to the generation of a Sales Dashboard with interactive map (demo in Italian)

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