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Sustainability reporting: challenges and opportunities for companies

EOS Solutions offering for ESG

In the era of the Ecological Transition, companies are discovering new ways to make the most of the Digital Transformation and being prepared for Sustainability Reporting - ESG according to the new EFRAG principles. Here is how EOS Solutions supports them:

👩‍🏫 Consulting, training and technology tools to help companies prepare a sustainability report
📊 Applications that provide support for measurement and analysis
📏 Measuring impacts and their reduction

EOS Solutions' portfolio

Measuring, Reducing, Recycling

Measure, Reduce, Recycle embodies the new paradigm of sustainability and requires a different approach to data collection: carbon footprint calculations, consumption analysis and measurement of impacts, along with their reduction, are the new challenges facing companies. These challenges can be turned into opportunities through smart processes that leverage data in an integrated way, considering it as a strategic asset.


EOS sustainability management solutions

CFC - Carbon Footprint Calculator
Collection and management of data for carbon footprint calculation for Scopes 1-2-3 using emission factors according to GHG protocol predictions.

EED - EFRAG compliant ESG disclosure for sme
Survey management for environmental accounting data collection and sustainability analysis for SME according to the Efrag VSME standard.
Preconfigured Sustainability Accounting and Sustainability Journal Management within ERP Business Central (Saas version)

Why adopt EOS ESG solutions

EOS ESG Team for sustainability

Implementing a structured system

Why adopt EOS ESG solutions

By using EOS Solutions' ESG products, companies can:

  • Implement a structured system to measure and monitor improvements in their sustainability journey
  • Calculate carbon footprint and environmental, social and governance impacts, also integrating accounting data
  • We use the most appropriate tools for each step of the process, ensuring that users' needs are met.

Transaction enhancement can be developed and that enables a carbon accounting system, choosing GHG frameworks and protocols and defining various dimensions of analysis.

The connection with the company's subsystems makes it possible to create dashboards with KPIs based on physical quantities and non-monetary values, including data on environmental impacts and emissions. This system is prepared for Green Taxonomy and Sustainability Reporting in accordance with both EFRAG principles for required companies and EFRAG -VSME principles for others.

Advanced Analytics: Churn Prediction
Advanced Analytics: Recommendation Engine

For each client a personalized approach

EOS ESG Team for sustainability

Our team of experts operates on a national level and provides support to companies, including international ones, to improve their economic, environmental and social performance.

The team is responsible for implementing tools to measure sustainability actions and related goals, integrating them into the business, and is composed of experts with specialized skills in a variety of fields, including engineering, computer science, economics, environmental science, taxation and law.

We advise small and medium-sized clients, both Italian and foreign, by analyzing data sources and proposing the most advanced tools for collection, analysis and reporting, integrated into ERP and compliant with EFRAG regulations and GHG protocols. We create customized consulting paths for each client.

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