Connecting machines, devices, customers and ideas, with a digital heart called ERP

Digital Factory

It is time for factories to go digital

What is the Digital Factory?
The digital factory connects machines, devices, customers and ideas, with management software at the centre.

The term Factory 4.0 describes an articulated system made up of many interconnected digital building blocks with shared interfaces and modes of operation. Computing power, connectivity, data collection and analysis, intelligent interfaces and data-analysis applications connected with MES solutions are some of the 4.0 innovation paradigms available with affordable investments and modular solutions.

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At an operational level, companies that embrace digital are able to make production faster, more efficient and flexible - while at the same time improving quality. Digital transformation means unifying so-called isolated data silos, eliminating system discontinuities and abandoning paper-based workflows. At a strategic level, digital transformation - and the Internet of Things in particular, with wearable devices - makes data available to develop new products and make existing products smarter.

The digital factory interconnects sensors on machines (and smartphones) to the ERP system that underpins decision-making. For digital transformation to work, IT systems, machines, sensors, even components and semi-finished products must be interconnected so that they can communicate with each other. The ideal scenario is fully automated production, with real-time reports on the status of various components, with machines and systems able to recognise when they need maintenance, so that downtime can be predicted and minimised.

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