Data Security

Certified add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the creation of coding workflow of personal data and documents

The add-on data security for Dynamics NAV enables the creation of a coding workflow of personal data and documents. It ensures the security and protection of data through functions that enable to:

  • Managing different status associated to an entity
  • Regulate status change
  • Send email associated to status change

Entity tables can be:

  • Personal data
  • Documents (Purchase, sales, manufacturing)

To each entity element is possibile to associate more status, starting from an initial status and arriving at a final status, passing through intermediate ones.

To each status is possibile to associate a colour and different permissions such as:

  • Modify/Delete
  • Release/Registration/Print (for sale/purchase documents)

It is also possibile to define status change paths.

In Dynamics NAV is possibile to define some texts and email addresses that then can be sent after a status change of personal data or a document.

Data Security for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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