Why working at EOS Solutions?

People, method and technology to realize customers' success

In EOS Solutions we believe in the value of people and collaboration. There is no innovation without a culture of change that starts from people. Transformation as a change of mentality and culture, which begins with individuals and modifies their relationships, and then invests all areas of the company. We base our activity on close-knit teams, with precise tasks and objectives: to offer our customers not only the best technical solutions, but also the best consultancy.

EOS Solutions: a People Company

EOS Solutions: a "Best Place to Work"

EOS Solutions has achieved Best Place to Work Italy 2023 Certification by ranking among the top 15 companies to work for in Italy in the 150-499 employee segment. This award, given by Great Place to Work and based on employee opinions, celebrates our commitment to creating an inclusive, positive and stimulating work environment.

Our values


  • Specialists in digitalization
  • Training
  • Education
  • Best practices


  • Focus on Relationships
  • Inclusion
  • Transparency


  • Technology
  • App & solutions development
  • Constant evolution of the internal organization
  • Support for the evolution of customer processes


  • Local: 12 branches in Italy + 1 in USA
  • Global: with Kumavision in 16 other locations

Our succes would not be possibile without the people that every day work in EOS solutions. Professionals able to use individual skills, sharing potentialities in a close-knit working team, creating synergy between different knowledge and professional backgounds. People able to accompany customers in the consolidation of their success and in the search of new opportunities.



EOS Solutions exponential growth has allowed my personal and marketing team professional growth. Marketing department today represents a point of excellence of the company. Motivation, preparation, creativity and profesionalism are the key words which distinguish our team and which are the basis of our daily work in EOS.

Stefania Testini, Marketing Director, Bolzano

Working in a dynamic and innovative environment like EOS solutions, where people give the maximum contribution to answer at the best to our customers, it motivates me a lot. With our training offers we want to grow people both professionally and personally.

Karin Lobis, HR Manager, Bolzano

Leaving aside the purely technical and professional updating part that the developer activity involves, one thing that I have always appreciated about this work is the fact of acting in a team to reach a goal (the good performance of a project or the resolution of a particular development or problem) and the gratification that comes from seeing customer satisfaction for the work done.

Roberto Lucarelli, Software Developer, Milano

What is the most beautiful thing to help customer and analyze the problem, recommend the best methodology to use and develop the solution? The satisfaction that, sometimes, is expressed by him at the end of a long day.

Paolo Visenti, ERP Consultant, Verona

Those who work at EOS find...

Inclusive culture

Promoting an inclusive culture is fundamental to the success of our company, and we believe that it is important to the well-being of all our employees.

Therefore, we promote equality and diversity within the organization through policies and programs that encourage an inclusive workplace. We strive to create a working environment that is supportive and safe by encouraging a sense of belonging and community that enables us to work together effectively and collaboratively.

EOS Academy: bloom your talent
EOS Academy: bloom your talent

Growth opportunities

At EOS we believe that every individual has unique potential and that it is vital to develop this potential to the fullest. The desire to grow drives us to learn new stuff every day; in fact, we actively promote continuing learning within the organization, offering both professional learning and development opportunities to our employees.

In this way, we are committed to promoting the professional and personal growth of our employees to ensure their success and our success as a company.

Hybrid work

In an era when flexibility and efficiency are increasingly important, we offer our employees the opportunity to work in hybrid mode.

We recognize the importance of flexibility and work-life balance for our employees; in fact, hybrid work allows us to combine the best of both worlds: collaboration and face-to-face interaction at office, along with the freedom and autonomy offered by remote working.

This approach enables us to create a work environment in which our employees can maximize their abilities and potential. With a combination of on-the-job meetings and remote work, we foster creativity, productivity and synergy within our teams.

EOS Academy: bloom your talent
EOS Academy: bloom your talent

Internal communication

Our internal communication portal plays a key role in ensuring that all team members are always informed about the latest news and activities of the company. Through the portal, we are able to share important information quickly and efficiently, reaching all employees wherever they are and fostering transparency and sharing.

We are thus able to promote collaboration among different departments and facilitate the creation of synergies.


We organize not only technical training courses, but also team building activities and language courses to ensure continuous training on both the technical and softskill side. We also work in teams involving one or more Group locations (virtual teams).

Not only this, working at EOS also means having spaces available outside the traditional work setting. All locations have meeting and refreshment spaces that foster the opportunity to get to know each other better, meet and exchange ideas. New talents are placed in EOS Academy, a 5-week practical and theoretical training course in the company, where they are mentored by SME (subject matter expert) technicians and team leaders.

We encourage creative ideas, so we launched EOS Hackathon, aiming at internal staff. EOS Hackathon is dedicated to innovation and the creation of new apps, while strengthening Team spirit. We like to celebrate together, for example at the EOS Summer Party and Xmas Meeting.

EOS Academy: bloom your talent
EOS Academy: bloom your talent


Collaboration and teamwork are pillars of success in our company. We value the unique skills and perspectives of each team member, creating an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute to their full potential.

We also support the development of leadership and teamwork skills through ongoing training and offer cutting-edge digital tools to facilitate virtual collaboration. At EOS, we believe that solid teamwork is critical to providing innovative solutions to our clients and maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


We offer our employees high-quality structured training paths and recognize the importance of a proper onboarding process in the company. That is why we offer customized initial onboarding to each new team member.

We also give our employees the opportunity to participate in international projects, giving them a broader and more stimulating view of the environment in which EOS Solutions operates.

Finally, we offer shared career plans that enable employees to plan and develop their careers within the company, we work together with our employees to help them achieve their professional goals and maximize their potential.

EOS Academy: bloom your talent

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