Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Efficient and proactive field service with Dynamics 365 CRM.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Imagine being able to provide customers with a field service characterized by multiple facilities managing and by a centralized maintenance scheduling. Imagine doing technical interventions remotely with the help of experts wherever they are. And working with advanced tools such as Augmented Reality and IoT to solve problems in real time. All of this is possible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Full inventory management

Traceability and control of all items in stock improve first-time success rate and service quality.

Professional service

Dynamics 365 provides accurate information about each service order in advance, enabling a single-customer approach and a quick and focused support.

Mobile connection

Field service employees have real-time access to all relevant documents even offline by automatically linking the service order with all the related information in the CRM.

Better collaboration

Problems can be detected early, identified and corrected remotely by connecting field service with customer care technicians.

Optimized planning of journey and resource

Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects incoming service calls with available resources. In this way, operations planning benefits from a full overview, enabling seamless coordination of service calls and optimized journey planning.

Customer-centered service

Services such as an online portal with self-management features, SMS/call notifications and technician tracking complete the functionality of the CRM solution for field service.

More information for customers and employees with Dynamics 365

With Dynamics 365 Field Service you can improve processes and workflows on the field. The CRM solution ensures your employees have complete information about every service request and it links customer service, field service, and technicians together.

This gives your employees an overview of the status of work and allows them to report any problems in a timely manner. Dynamics 365 Field Service not only guarantees satisfied customers, but it also reduces the costs that deeper maintenance measures would require.


Better scheduling

  • Improve profitability by automatically scheduling technicians' activities optimizing their time.
  • Manage resource scheduling across multiple work orders using interactive drag-and-drop scheduling.
  • Synchronize and track inventory across multiple locations with centralized data management in Dynamics 365 to increase first-time success rates.

Improved efficiency on the field

  • Increase the efficiency of field operations by allowing technicians to access company information through mobile devices in order to capture and update all work order details.
  • Take advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality viewers to improve productivity.

Integration with IoT

  • Benefit from CRM's IoT features to identify malfunctions and proactively inform customers.
  • Perform just-in-time maintenance on demand and avoid unnecessary costs.

Customer-centered service

  • Communicate detailed, real-time information to customers using Dynamics 365, keeping them updated on how the order is being handled
  • Simplify activities tracking and enable customers to self-manage appointments through a portal that interacts directly with CRM.


  • Customize easly Dynamics 365 Field Service to satisfy your company's needs and create web applications using zero-code editors and tools.
  • Use AI to guide innovation.

The ultimate CRM support for field service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service enables optimal management of assignments, resources, and employees. Both customers and employees benefit from the connection between service orders and related information, and service quality is improved as a result.

Work assignment management

Use Dynamics 365 to create work orders for field technicians with complete information on customers, maintenance calls, and products used.

Detailed information

Store and manage customer location information centrally and allow field technicians to access it at any time, even when they are traveling.


Easily convert finished work orders into invoices with Dynamics 365.

Service planning

Assign resources and employees to individual service assignments using a visual drag-and-drop scheduling tool, and organize them directly in Dynamics 365.

Fast onboarding

Reduce onboarding time for new employees with Dynamics 365 CRM's intuitive, role-based interface and interactive learning environment.

Targeted analysis

Identify field service optimization potential with the help of detailed analysis.