Integrated solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Safety, authentication and industrial process improvement, on your smartwatch.

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What is freeHands?
freeHands is a platform that integrates safety, authentication and efficiency features. A software that improves work by making industrial processes simple and optimising the tasks each person has to perform. Just use a smartphone, smartwatch or tablet. It is wearable first and fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central management software.

Business Central functionality

freeHands on smartwatch

Safety (& Proximity): freeHands function for Business CentralSafety (& Proximity)
Warning in case of 'man down' or user inactivity, data collection (e.g. heart rate, stress level, atmospheric pressure, altimeter, UV index); button to call for help, Personal Protective Equipment check.

freeHands function for Business CentralIntegration (BC Only)
Data exchange with ERP / MES systems, IoT platforms, access control and presence detection solutions, third-party libraries.

Communication: freeHands function for Business CentralCommunication
Exchanging text or voice messages between the user and the remote operator, between team members and other colleagues; real-time voice communication.

freeHands in action

Dynamics 365 Business Central integration

requirements / benefits

Do you want users to have to authenticate themselves at the start of a shift?

- One-touch authentication and authorisation.
- Improved efficiency and security levels.
- Difficult to hack.
- Automatic disconnection when taken off the wrist.

Do you want the user to work in total security and that an alarm is raised in the event of a 'man down'?

- Sensors warning of user inactivity.
- Alarms and alerts.
- Notifications to other team members or remote operator.

Do you want everyone to wear safety gear?

- Instant control of required PPE.

Do you want to be able to assign tasks and share them with team members?

- Share tasks and follow their steps to completion.
- Check the statuses and monitor the time and costs of each task.

Do you want to manage machinery directly from your device?

- Full-duplex data exchange.
- Real-time data display.
- One-touch production step management.

Do you want the user to be able to make one-to-one or group calls?

- Single or group real-time communication.
- Downloading of recorded conversations.
- Possibility of connection to Bluetooth headsets.

Do you need users to be localised?

- Activation or deactivation of localisation.
- Location sharing.
- Ability to see the location of other team members.

Do you need employees to use an identification badge?

- The smartwatch can be used as a badge to identify operators and allow them access to the different areas.

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