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SARES and MIRAMONDI IMPIANTI are companies of a decade of experience, specialized in design and manufacture of customized metal sheet processing lines as well as production of integrated and flexible plants for major manufacturers in the sector, dedicated to assembly, welding and processing of metal sheet components in the appliance field.

From an idea of SARES management and of other companies of the group, Moss Alliance has the aim to present all the companies of the group as a single global player. Today the group counts 11 production plants between Brasil, Spain, Italy and China, with 380 employees and a turnover of 90 million.

In this contest Moss Srl is founded and it integrates sales area and Customer support, besides all the management functions of MIRAMONDI AND SARES.


In a wide project of process unification and in order to develop the synergis between Moss srl- Miramondi and SARES, the need of having a unique system has emerged in order to work in an integrated, univoc and allineated way in all companies and to manage all the IT flows of data and information. After some months of reaserch the choice has been Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the partner EOS Solutions.

Before the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV every company of the group managed processes and information autonomously and in a not integrated way. In particular, the previous systems were not interconnected between functions, so the information between departments were processed manually and with different softwares. Looking for the information required a lot of time and resources .


With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Moss Alliance is now able to automate job flows, processing in real time work in progress.

Thanks to the strong integration between project software and the different company areas, it is possibile to plan and monitor all the plant realization phases, from the offer request, passing through designing and plant costruction up to delivery to customer, monitoring all the project changes, the revisions, resources and costs both during productions and final phase.


With Dynamics NAV, Azure Platform and thanks to EOS team experience it has been possible to integrate in a rapid way the connections with design softwares, in order to automate the passages between technical and production departments.

The vertical Engineering integrates in its multilevel structure the visualization of bill of materials directly from PDM system (Product Data Management).

The add-on DOCSolutions made it possible the storage on SharePoint of the documentation linked to the jobs visible on NAV.

Client Informations

Engineering Manufacturing
Product Type
Assembly, welding and processing of metal sheet components in the appliance field
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
+ Engineering
+ DocSolutions
+ Azure

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been a winning choice thanks the simplicity of using and implementation, which has allowed us to support users during the change of ERP without problems of the job phases. Today thanks to the central platform, technologically based on Azure, and to the rapid sharing of information we can work in an effective way on the analysis of data and exploiting the flexibility and integration with the Microsoft Ecosystem already present in the company, we are able to produce and share intuitive reporting through SharePoint and Power BI.

Fabio Pighi, MOSS IT Manager

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