Document Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Document Management solution which simplifies and accelerates the search of business documents linked to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

DocSolutions is the EOS Solutions add-on which enables document management for all companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV. DocSolutions simplifies and accelerates the management and the search of documents linked to Dynamics NAV through an advanced solution of Document and Workflow Management, CMS and Collaboration, which enables to:

  1. Attach files in a simple way with Drag&Drop
  2. View attached files directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  3. Search documents in a natural and fast way
  4. Make revisions/check-out and workflow on the most important documents
  5. Share documents with colleagues and partners, also through the Internet

DocSolutions offers 3 options for document electronic management:

DocSolutions for FileSystem

DocSolutions implements a system for the electronic storage of documents on server / network folders.

In the video tutorial, step-by-step instructions for managing and archiving files within Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

DocSolutions for SharePoint

Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV designed to create an interface towards Microsoft SharePoint. It offers:

  • a unique repository to save documents and attachements (Microsoft SharePoint)
  • a link between NAV records and attached documents
  • a simple and fast way to see, upload and search external documents
DocSolutions for ARXivar

DocSolutions is fully integrated with ARXivar, a complete platform to manage company information. ARXivar enables to store, share and make company document accessible (invoices, LUL, pay slip, delivery note) also from mobile devices, enabling to automate the functioning of internal organizational processes.

Every day more than 2.000 companies in Italy and abroad send invoices, documents and manage information and company processes through ARXivar.

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