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Mepol SRL was born in 1996 and it produces thermoplastic compounds and distributes plastic material throughout Italy and overseas. It has a great productive capacity, expertise and know how, and solid foundations that Mepol lies customer relationships with. In every need Mepol is able to supply an efficient assistance and a valid technical support for products “tailor made”. The production of Mepol compounds is oriented to the maximum versatility in order to satisfy the industrial and the most various productive needs: from automotive components and appliance to furniture and sport equipment.

The group is composed by 4 companies, the head quarter is in Treviso and the branches in Ferrara and Northern Europe. The group, thanks to the R&D laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art instruments in order to carry out all the necessary tests and analyses to fully characterise plastic materials, designing and developing new products and providing quick and exhaustive answers to the customers inquiries.


The decision to change the IT system was born from the need to support the company growth process and to integrate in a unique platform all the group systems. Mepol had the necessity to structure all the business processes and to have a better control system on marginality and company performance key indicators.

The group had also the need to have and ERP in order to follow all the processes of the Supply Chain, with a particular attention to quality tests both on bought raw materials and manufactured materials.


Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and with the support of EOS Solutions team, Mepol has obtained many advantages...


The areas related to the Supply Chain and to accounting management have been automated and the related processes have been optimized, enabling to use accurate data and take quick and reliable decisions.

Thanks to some customizations, also the production has obtained benefits with the ERP change. The receipe for the creation of the final product is not defined only with a pre-confined list anymore: with Dynamics ERP the technical manager can make change in real time according to production trend.

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP also logistics has received benefits. Loading Unit Concept has been introduced, which enables to obtain a precise calculation of material in stock, both for what concern raw materials and finished products. In this way it is possible to ensure a better control and to facilitate and speed up all the company staff work.

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Chemical & Plastic
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Compound and eco-compound
Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementation and Eos Solutions support we have obtained a lot of advantages. All the strategic areas connected to Supply Chain and to Accounting management have been automated and all the related processes have been optimized, enabling us to use accurate and certified data in order to take quick and reliable decisions.

Tatiana Melato, Mepol Regulatory Affairs Officer

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