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UNIMET needed complete overall monitoring of its production processes and the integration of a system within the company that would not compromise the high everyday quality to which the firm had become accustomed. UNIMET chose to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV using all of the project-management functions integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution. With small improvements and the creation of a simple interface, processing times could be recorded automatically (based upon time-stamping on the machine-shop floor) to permit constant monitoring.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV allowed UNIMET to respond concretely to its clients’ needs and to resolve monitoring and control issues that have now been transformed through nearly entirely automated processes. The result is constant monitoring of work flows and processes.

Microsoft’s ERP adapted perfectly to UNIMET’s company structure and was easily integrated into the modern equipment and machinery in everyday use at UNIMET, streamlining numerous processes and procedures.

Client Informations

​Iron-making and metallurgy
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Complete production monitoring. Microsoft Dynamics NAV for profit monitoring.

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