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Gimoka Group has been producing and distributing blends for different brands and formats for over 40 years. To do so, it manages an extremely complex supply-chain, from selection/transportation/storage of raw material to blending and roasting, from packaging to shipping to reach the end customer.

With 30,000 tons of raw coffee processed, Gimoka Group is present in over 60 countries with more than 110 different blends and is able to provide its customers with all the packaging solutions on the market.

4 production sites
60% export
Over 300 employees
30 thousand T of raw
700 MIO capsules in 2019
Over 65 key customers
+120 blends


Such a complex and rapidly expanding business felt the need to renew the digitalization of management processes, to optimize information flows throughout the supply-chain and improve understanding of business data.

Gimoka Group's digitalization needs were clear: address the complexity of the many business processes with a versatile ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, capable of optimizing decision-making processes and strategic choices, improving coordination, increasing the efficiency of production processes, reducing waste, increasing automation, and ensuring flexibility to meet the multiple demands of the markets.

The solution

EOS Solutions designed a flexible Business Central-based solution capable of managing the reporting of production, administrative and business events. Moreover, thanks to the integration of Business Central with dedicated apps, Gimoka's digital transformation platform offers advanced analytical capabilities that can predict different scenarios and make timely decisions. This is a key step to manage the supply chain accurately, with all stages of the production process coordinated to logistics and sales capable of capturing, analyzing and interpreting data from a predictive perspective.


Gimoka Group has grasped the competitive advantage of an ERP solution in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode: Business Central is a management system that, while allowing a good level of customization, is continuously enriched with new features that are immediately accessible. Upgrades are continuous and completely transparent, with no hassles or upgrade costs.

Client Information

Gimoka for the Environment

The decision to adopt an ERP on cloud not only proved strategic and beneficial but, at the same time, matches the sustainability values that drive the Group's business.

Sustainable Data Center
+93% energy efficiency
+98% emissions efficiency
+100% renewable energy

Thanks to digital transformation, today the company can rightfully call itself a data-driven roaster, a reality where numbers take on an interactive dimension and timeliness.

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