About us

Eurovetrocap has been developing, producing and selling packagings for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and make-up markets for over 30 years.

We believe that health should be within everyone's reach, and that the true value of beauty lies in diversity. That's why we export all over the world, at competitive prices and keeping quality high. That's why our range is wide and varied, with customizable packagings.


Attention to design - the pursuit of beauty and the desire to grow suggested that we redesign the shape of our business management.

To continue to improve in terms of efficiency, connection and fluidity, Eurovetrocap's formula needed to be enriched with new digital ingredients. So the company asked for the contribution of EOS Solutions.

The Solution

The EOS team worked with Eurovetrocap and the various subsidiaries to reorganize the company's routines. The circulation of information and alignment between the group companies was facilitated. Logistics was a key point. EOS has made the management of shipments reliable and flexible, without the imperfections due to double stock accounting. Finally: a fluid and transparent data collection system, indispensable for decision-making analysis.

Eurovetrocap's digital transformation solution was born from the analysis of all processes, carried out together with the company's K-users. The revised processes were then implemented in the specific modules of Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Through Power BI it is now possible to extrapolate new statistical reports quickly and efficiently. The previous management software has been integrated in the new system to optimize the production flow in every phase, up to the quality control.

Client Information

Microsoft Dynamics ERP
+ Power BI


A unique and structured suite, always available and connected with the internal structure, with the group companies and with the shipping, to manage production and third party orders in a specific and targeted way.

Thanks to EOS' intervention, the company's organization is more solid and effective. The digitalization solutions applied have had immediate and visible effects on all departments, in every process: from packaging list to shipping, from production to accounting.

At last, a system with all the integrated functionalities.


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