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About us

Our family-owned company is in its fifth generation as an international chemical raw materials distributor and service provider. In partnership with our customers and suppliers, we create lasting value for all stakeholders through personal engagement, specialized knowledge and great transparency.

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, the bioscience capital of the world, the group is part of a global, cross-sector network through subsidiaries in Italy, Turkey and Spain.


Synergy, flexibility, efficiency and a propensity for innovation have guided Dolder Group in the choice of a solution that, on the one hand, is simple, intuitive and streamlined - so that it can be applied to all group companies regardless of size - and, on the other, is solid and effective in the management of the company's information assets - so that the analysis structure can be shared at group level to support management.

Among the requirements was the introduction of a workflow for the certification of data that would allow the integration of the entry process of the various departments, in order to obtain an efficient management and communication system within which the information could be easily used by everybody.

The marketing of chemical materials also required the system to be compliant with the ADR regulations in vigor for the transport of dangerous goods.

The solution

In order to achieve the objectives, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was selected - for the organization of the management system from accounting to purchasing, logistics, sales - integrated by the EOS ecosystem apps - from logistics to commission management to management control.

Particular attention was given to the management of ADR regulations, implemented within the processes from the point of view of both master data entry and logistics and sales output.

The bi-directional integration with Hubspot allowed to connect the sales network.

Power BI played a key role in the analysis of data at local and corporate level for sales marginality.

Finally, Azure was introduced to bring DOLDER GROUP to Microsoft's cloud.

Client Information


Thanks to the adoption of Business Central, it was possible to implement a solution that is tailored to the different needs of all branches, regardless of size.

The Master Data Intercompany app allows to share setups and standardize across the entire group.

Data enhancement using workflows allows for effective data entry, where each department contributes its share of expertise reducing the risk of inaccuracies.

The implementation of analytical dimensions allows for business intelligence analysis enhancing decision-making power.

The project, implemented with the core-model concept, allows to optimize the efforts related to new evolutions and this on the one hand increases the implementation speed, on the other reduces costs both in terms of development and in terms of internal application.

With the cloud-based version of the new ERP, we can now take the next step in our IT strategy towards a modern working environment that is detached from the local server infrastructure.

Roman Dill, CFO Dolder Group

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