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Bancolini Symbol was born in 1983 with the creation of barcode printing and it offers complete solutions for the market of automatic identification and data collection. Among the first in Europe to introduce those systems, the company, thanks to 30 years of experience it is the leader of mobile data collection technologies.


To structure in the best way business processes, as well as to have an advanced control system on marginalty and performance key indicators, Bancolini Symbol has decided to invest on a ERP project to support company growth and to substitute a previous inadequate solution.

The main goal of the company was to optmize Supply Chain complex flows and to have a punctual management of post-sale support. There was also the necessity to have an income statement for a precise survey and analysis of the margins on the different cost items, with direct and indirect allocations. Finally, Bancolini Symbol needed a Business Intelligence analysis instrument in real time for Sales, Purchases, Logistics and Service departments.


Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Power BI with Eos solutions support, Bancolini Symbol has obtained the complete integration of the Supply chain between internal and external processes and the control of flows of goods. It has also automated the management of support requests and the device repair, thanks to a punctual management of support contract.

For what concerns purchases the company has adopted automatic and flexible logic to define the level of reorganization according to historical consumption and expected trends, optimizing stocks and generating automatic reordering proposals.


Sale price list management has been automated and product configuration has been integrated. This has been necessary for sale people to quote products with variable configuration.

For Cost accounting, thanks to Microsoft Dynamics NAV it is possibile to control marginality of different departments, counting on a specific cost allocation, as well as to have acces to sales and purchase statistics and logistics analysis using Excel reports, thanks to Power Pivot and Power BI solutions.

Client Informations

Product type
Systems and solutions for automatic identification and mobile data collection
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
+ Power BI

Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows us to take quick and reliable decisions, thanks to the use of precise and certified data obtained with the automation of strategic areas related to the Supply Chain.

Irene Castelli, Bancolini Symbol IT Manager

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