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ATLANTE SRL was born in the middel of 90s, with the mission to be “the added value between production and distribution world in the respect of people, environment and rules”. Creating partnership with suppliers and distributors, with the aim to improve profitability without compromises on quality and services. Soon Atlante becomes an important partners for the majority of the Italian groups. In 2011 Atlante signs a strategic partnership agreement with the Swiss giant Migros to introduce Swiss products in the Italian market and export Italian specialities to Switzerland. In 2014 Atlante becomes a strategic sourcing partner for the UK retailer Sainsbury’s for the selection and distribution of Italian products and production sites audits.


The growth of the company and the competitive pressure are the basis of the need of Atlante to require a new ERP business solution, which would allow Atlante to structure business processes and to have a system which control marginality and perfomance key indicators. Fundamental the optimization of flows related to supply chain, as well as procurements planning, active and passive trade policies management and the punctual detection and control of transport cost. Finally, the possibility to have in real time Business Intelligence analysis related to sale, purchase and logistics areas.


Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, integrated to FoodSuite vertical for Food&Beverage world, all the company departments have reached all the goals. First of all the complete integration of supply chain, automating delivery management. Both the purchases and the sales have benefited of automation and flexibility granted by the new ERP.


With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Atlante has optimized transportation costs, obtaining acquired data for margins calculation.

Moreover, Atlante can have access to sale and purchase statistics in real time, with the flexibility granted by Excel analysis reports, thanks to Power Pivot and Power BI solutions implemented by Eos Solutions.

Strategic areas connected to supply chain and to management control have been automized and the related processes have been optimized, allowing to use precise data in order to take quick and reliable decisions.

Client Information

Production and wholesale
Product type
Microsoft Dynamics ERP
+ FoodSuite
+ Power BI

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