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ALPEWA is a manufacturer whose business is focused on three separate areas: coverings and façade systems, sheet metal work, and machinery and equipment for sheet metal working systems.

In order to continue to manage its growth and track a growing mass of data, Alpewa needed a modern, integrated system that included fast installation, ease of use, complete functionality, and developmental flexibility.

As a growing business, Alpewa also faced growing demands for automation and integration. In response, the company chose to join the TAP program (early adopter) for such benefits as:



direct access to new software and applications for client servers (which had previously been outsourced)

even greater integration of individual productivity tools (Excel and Outlook in particular)

the option of integrating NAV and Microsoft SharePoint for document management (other solutions on the market were considered too expensive or too difficult to connect with NAV)

activation of a new standard NAV module for managing assembly processes

greater access to and synthesis of management data (including a new charting function)

Client Informations

70 (Austria and Germany)
Business Type
Sales of metals, coverings and façade systems, accessories for the metalworking industry
​Italy, Austria
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

As a result of the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we achieved optimum results in managing the exponential growth of our business. If we had stayed with our old system, we would have needed to increase staffing by at least 30%. With NAV, on the other hand, we’ve reduced costs and increased the efficiency of our personnel and of our internal processes.

Andreas Koler, Alpewa CEO

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