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The software the firm used no longer met Alois Lageder’s need for integrated management of production, distribution, and sales of wine on the global market.

An analysis was undertaken to best understand how clients’ needs differed from the standard management functionality of Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Based upon the requirements identified in that process, customized accounting, administrative, warehouse-management, production, and relationship-management functions were integrated, with the option of adding additional analysis, reporting, and Business Intelligence tools in future.


The new management system also provided customized functions per warehouse management, bottling processes, and distribution. The application supported sales projections and order management on the basis of bottling and labeling requirements at the point at which aging was complete.

Client Information

Europe, USA
Microsoft Dynamics ERP
+ Microsoft Windows Server
+ Microsoft Exchange Server
+ Microsoft Office

Microsoft Dynamics belohnte uns sofort für die Anstrengungen der Reorganisation mit einer Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten zur Marktanalyse und sorgte dafür, dass die Buchführungssysteme reale und zertifizierbare Geschäftsdaten ausarbeiteten und bereitstellten.

Alois Lageder, Inhaber

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