B2B and B2C e-Commerce solution integrated 100% with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Sana Commerce is an e-commerce solution fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, which helps resellers and distributors to launch their companies in the online market, in order to reduce costs and increase sales. Sana Commerce is the only e-commerce solution which can be installed directly in the ERP, centralizing all data and avoiding duplication. Thanks to the integration with the ERP, the e-commerce portal is easy to manage and the return on investment is higher.

Sana Commerce 4 main advantages for your company are:

  1. A new sales channel
  2. A better customer service
  3. Time and money saving
  4. 100% integrated with Dynamics
Increase sales and reduce costs

Adding a sale channel is only one of the several advantages of the solution. Sana enables also to implement easily cross-selling and up-selling systems. Through the portal you can propose complementary products or accessories.

Saving time and money with Sana Commerce is easy. Functions like quick order and re-order help customer to make order in a faster way, saving time.


A self-service portal 24/7

Kleinbestellungen kosten meist verhältnismäßig viel Zeit und somit Geld. Sana E-Commerce hebt das Missverhältnis zwischen Bestellwert und Bearbeitungskosten auf. Rund um die Uhr sind automatische Bestellungen möglich.

Alle Produktinformationen und Bestelldetails (History, Verfügbarkeit, Status, Versand) sind dank der Integration in Dynamics NAV in Echtzeit verfügbar.

Exploit Microsoft Dynamics power

A B2B e-commerce portal success key is the integration with the ERP and the sales/order management online portal.

Sana Commerce is installed into Dynamics NAV and it is the ERP which creates the shopping cart in real time.


Support your agents

Extend the B2B portal with an application for agents. Sana Mobile enables to insert orders and view catalogue at every moment. Information about customers, details and prospects: everything is integrated into the app. Even if there is not an Internet connection, the app is available and it allows to insert orders.


Sana for Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Demo



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