About us

POLIFILM Group, a German family-owned company, is one of the leading manufacturers of extruded and protective films.

Numerous fields of application: from the medical and pharmaceutical industry to construction. From agriculture to logistics and packaging. Up to the automotive industry and manufacturing.



Given the complexity and breadth of production processes, Polifilm Italia was chosen by the parent company to carry out a pilot project to standardize information processes. To be then extended to all companies in the group.

Primary needs:

  • standardize information processes
  • increase control over business data
  • review operational flows
  • unify operations, reporting and processes

The solution

The Polifilm digital system was born and developed from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP software: the first piece of a system to which we have connected the functionality of EOS APPs, PLC and MES interfaces developed ad hoc to make the ERP communicate with production machines and Microsoft Power BI to integrate Business Intelligence. All available in the cloud on Azure servers.


With the introduction of the new ERP, business processes have begun to adopt common, uniform tools and language.

Among the Eos Apps, the product configurator allows automatic management of product variants, standardization of coding and decrease of errors during order entry.

Gathering information via PLC and MES interfaces enables the analysis, understanding and in the case of prevention, timing and flow of production with a focus on costs.

Microsoft Power BI integration simplifies reporting management with customized dashboards common to the entire group.

Finally, the choice to install the solution on the Azure cloud, in addition to greater guarantees in terms of IT security and performance, underscores Polifilm's focus on the Environment.

Client Information

Polifilm for the Environment

The company has long been committed to the progressive reduction of CO2 emissions. Aware of how much its actions can affect the environment and society, Polifilm has chosen for this digitalization process a partner such as EOS Solutions, focused on sustainability and energy efficiency.

Thanks to EOS Solutions, POLIFILM ITALIA has been the protagonist and architect of a digital change that has led the group to standardize processes and tools. The result? Increasingly smooth communication between departments and different locations.

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