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Founded in 1989 as a manufacturer of sports timing systems, for 30 years Microgate has been on the market with products with high technological content. Research and development have never stopped and led Microgate to develop innovative projects in the field of sports timing and training, medical rehabilitation and various industrial applications in the astronomical sector.

In the headquarters of over 7500 square meters you can find offices, research and development laboratories, a center for the medical / sports evaluation of high level athletes and a clean room of 3500 cubic meters. Here Microgate is working on the development of adaptive optics (deformable mirrors) that will equip the two European and American giant telescopes located in the Atacama desert in Chile.


Digital Transformation began in 2015. Then the IT structure was divided into departmental softwares to meet specific accounting, sales, production and warehouse needs. Everything was not homogeneous, with redundant data, different UIs and poor communication between sectors.

The first step was to become a serverless company, moving all hardware to the cloud. So, thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics business application and EOS Solutions, the transformation was accomplished: the different software environments have been unified into a single ERP. We all started talking the same language, from an Information Technology point of view.


The choice of Microsoft Dynamics with partner EOS Solutions was a winner. Microgate is a company with a dual business model: it manages the classic flow of development / production / sales / support of innovative technological products, but also long-term, "order-based" research projects.

The multiple Dynamics ERP modules, and the targeted customizations developed by EOS Solutions, are well suited to responding to such specific and different needs.


Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics the dialogue between the different business units of the company has become more effective and the collaboration with distributors and contractors more efficient.

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Timing, Training & Sport, Medical Rehab and Engineering
Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Digital Transformation is in the DNA of Microgate. We started transforming the analogue measure of time into bits. We know that Digital Transformation means efficiency, quality, fewer errors and greater satisfaction in daily work. Giving everyone effective tools to contribute to a common result.

Sandro Rizzetto, Microgate CIO

We chose Microsoft Dynamics for its features. We chose EOS Solutions because it has in its DNA the passion for challenges and the inclination to search for innovative solutions.

Roberto Biasi, Microgate CTO

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