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Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. (IDS) is a leader company in System Engineering industry and it employs a total of 500 engineers and professionals in its foreign affiliate network. Since 1980 IDS has furnished high technological services and products for system integrated solutions, civil and military environment, in Naval, Aeronautical industry, as well as in Space, Environmental monitoring field. IDS is organized in Laboratories for new technology researches and in market-oriented Divisions for service and product marketing.


Product and service differentiation offered by IDS and the simultaneous growth from 80 to 500 collaborators, have underlined previous information system limits in relation to the context and a consequent need to adopt a more powerful ERP, in terms of functional coverage, reliability, flexibility and technology.
The need to unify the use of the same ERP in all the foreign subsidiaries has represented a further boost to realize a new ERP project with an international solution.
Context complexity has finally required the selection of an affordable partner which could supply necessary competencies and a strong project methodology to guarantee an effective adoption of the new system in the company.


The implemented solution has been Microsoft Dynamics NAV, with PSA verticalization proposed by the partner Eos Solutions. PSA is the vertical business solution based on Dynamics NAV for companies which work in project business and realize and supply make-to-order products and services. Beside the already mentioned Dynamics NAV, the other Microsoft products implemented have been Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft PowerBI and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Through ERP project with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, IDS has achieved the goal to uniform in an integrated business system all the division processes, both manufacturing and service supply, while providing to administration and financial departments centralized, prompt and reliable control tools. These tools have been centred in particular in job business management.

The integration with Microsoft Solutions such as SharePoint and Power BI has allowed to realize information system extensions oriented to collaboration and analysis, adding value to business processes.

Client Informations

Engineering solutions in civil and military field
Software/hardware services and systems for transport, security and telecommunications
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Record S.p.A.

IDS operational reality, with its service and product variety, has always represented an obstacle to ERP adoption. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, selected among other potential competitors, has shown to have the necessary flexibility to cope with many business requirements: from manufacturing processes to job management, now integrated under a unique administration and financial control. Eos Solution has implemented and optimized a solution which is able to satisfy successfully the need of IDS business.

Bruno Casali, IDS Spa Chief Information Officer

Microsoft Dynamics NAV flexibility and functional completeness in job management and control field offered by PSA vertical solution, joined to a strong project methodology, allowed us to reach with success our goals in a very complex context. An excellent integration of EOS and IDS work team has allowed to implement the system in an efficient manner coherent with organizational requirements, making the base for a lasting relationship which will guarantee IDS information system continuous improvements.

Pier Luigi Guidi, EOS Solutions Customer Base Manager

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