About us

Fiam Utensili Pneumatici S.P.A. is an Italian leader in the design and production of industrial pneumatic and electric tools and assembly systems.

Fiam, with its products and services, is a major business partner of important national and international players and, with the growing complexity of internal and external organizational processes, the company decided to adopt an integrated ERP system that could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its performance.


In the context of the realization of customized projects for the customer, the company has decided to start a digitalization process for the improvement of its competitive advantage. This process involves the optimization of business processes with the aim of reducing the overall time to market and maintaining high quality standards both in the production process and in the after-sales.

The solution

Dynamics 365 Business Central, supported by other Microsoft 365 products, combines the customization needed for the flexibility of an Italian SME with the rigor of an international ERP.

The adoption of the new ERP has allowed the automation of the offering process, the monitoring of consumption and production through the activation of the MES (Manufacturing Execution System), the integration of internal logistics flows through the interface with the automatic warehouse and finally the document management thanks to the integration of the ERP with Microsoft SharePoint and the provider of electronic invoicing services.

Production and purchasing have seen the declination of Just In Time principles, with production management in Kanban mode through ad-hoc interventions in standard ERP processes that allow the automatic generation and closing of production and purchase orders, as well as the activation of a system for the management of supplier reminders and production updates able to keep under control the impact of delays on customer orders.

Integration with the Microsoft 365 Office product range and activation of the EOS Solutions Power BI suite have made it possible to carry out in-depth analyses of project and market trends as well as monitoring of Financial KPIs.

Client Information


Real-time information sharing and system stability have transformed data into easily usable and distributed information that can be used to achieve goals in a joint and shared way.

  • Greater accuracy and speed of response to the customer both in the pre-sales phases, through a streamlined system of drafting the offer, and in the post-sales phase through the optimization of customer service processes (tickets)
  • Clarity in roles and division of responsibilities, through the activation of workflows thanks to the Data Security app by EOS Solutions
  • Real-time monitoring of production with MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Improved efficiency and information integrity through interfacing with the automated warehouse
  • Timely and reliable decisions, thanks to accurate data shared between the different areas of the system
  • Optimization of internal document flows by integrating Outlook and SharePoint with Business Central

The brand by which the market knows and appreciates us is FIAM - People and Solutions, a company made up of people who provide solutions; people who know how to listen to customers, understand their needs and propose effective solutions, often personalized. Therefore, in choosing our new ERP, we looked for a partner who could identify with our approach and we found him in EOS: competent people with solutions that meet our needs.


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