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Euroristorazione, a company specialized in collective catering, was born in Vicenza in 1996, distinguishing itself over the years for its professionalism, the quality of the products and services offered and its attention to human resources.

Euroristorazione operates in every sector of collective catering: Companies, Schools, Hospitals, Socio-Health Structures, Religious Communities. Over the years, the company has expanded its offer with complementary services to catering, such as automatic distribution of food and beverages and cleaning and concierge services.


The main need of Euroristorazione consisted in being able to integrate and digitize the main processes underlying the production of meals, such as:

  • Order management and procurement of raw materials
  • Management of customer records with contacts, destination locations, price lists, deadlines, payments, etc.
  • Issue and registration of transport documents
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Warehouse management: loading, return management, transfers
  • Quality Management: Non-compliance, Complaints, Supplier Report
  • Maintenance planning and management
  • Banking management
  • Management control
  • Business Intelligence and reporting

The goal was to use a single, solid and reliable tool that could manage the activities described above and share data between the various offices simply and effectively.

For example, the managers of the cooking and production centers needed to enter the Purchase Requests directly into the ERP, avoiding the use and transmission of paper documents. There was a need to manage the list of suppliers in a timely and precise manner, monitoring the items supplied and selecting them according to the criteria set by the tender specifications.
Another important request was to precisely organize the schedule of maintenance of transport vehicles, equipment and machinery.


EOS Solutions proposed a project based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP (now Dynamics 365 Business Central), also implementing various apps, such as EOS Platform, Quality, Maintenance and the FoodSuite vertical dedicated to the Food & Beverage sector.


Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics, Euroristorazione has optimized the production processes, making the uploading / sharing of data and the cost / benefit analysis more secure and reliable.

Thanks to the new ERP, greater integration was achieved between the purchase flow, quality control and, in general, all the customer's post-acquisition management, up to the billing and revenue phase.

Client Information

Microsoft Dynamics is a tool that responds to three fundamental requirements of Euroristorazione: flexibility, professionalism and continuous innovation. Thanks to EOS Solutions for the fruitful collaboration.

Giuliano Ongaro, Euroristorazione President

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