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About us

Christiania Bikes is a Danish cargo bike manufacturer which has produced bicycle trailers since 1978 and cargo bikes since 1984. The main office and the production facility are located on the countryside in green surroundings on Bornholm.

Christiania Bikes has built a unique network with long term relationship all over the world with selected retailers and distributors that take a great interest in improving the business in various ways.

Besides manufacturing cargo bikes, trailers and matching equipment, Christiania Bikes is also active in legal matters in Denmark as well as in the EU concerning cargo bikes and electric cycles. All Christiania Bikes products respect the keywords of the company: safety, quality, durability and honesty.

The Apps

We use both the Data Security app and the Custom Defined Fields app from EOS Solutions. We were hacked by ransomware and lost everything. Because of that we urgently needed a new system to help control our daily production flow.

Both these app have turned out to become vital apps to manage our daily production. We use the Data Security app to change the status of each document to control the current state of a production order. This app has been become such an important part to manage our production. The Custom Defined Fields app is used to add various custom notifications for each document to keep track on how each production order is processed. In case we are unsure about a specific item, and how it has been managed, we can always track it in the document because of our custom fields.

By having these apps we have received a cost effective way to manage daily production, a greater overview our production orders current state and how they have been processed.

Hans Lerche Engstrøm, Operation Manager

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Data Security
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