ERP solutions for professional services

Achieve business goals through accurate project estimates and increased ability to meet deadlines

In the professional services area, where the service rendered is often intangible, companies need to be positioned to offer outstanding quality and the highest possible level of specialization. Companies in the industry are called upon to provide increasing accuracy in project estimates, greater respect for deadlines, and better responsiveness to clients’ needs. Efficiency, then, is fundamental to achieving business goals.

Firms in the field of professional services become truly competitive when they have the tools they need for integrated management of all aspects of the company’s value chain. In marketing and sales, as well as in relationships with clients, suppliers, business partners, and consultants, they must demonstrate outstanding skills and services, reinforce and defend their market position, and provide ongoing care for existing customers even as they create functional connections between promotion and execution.

Competition pressure on prices produces an automatic link between project management and billing tools and between budget management and final-balance reporting.

Human capital, as reflected in the selection, retention, and development of human resources, is increasingly the factor that sets a company apart and allows it to become truly competitive.

Tools that provide effective, real-time information exchange among clients, business partners, and employees as well as multi-channel access to project documents become essential.

The PSA solution, distributed by EOS Solutions, means complete monitoring of each order at every phase, from planning to budgeting, from department and resource scheduling to final reporting, and, finally to cost analysis, profits, and profit-margins. PSA completes Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s standard production management with integrated bills of materials for every phase of order fulfillment.

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