ERP solutions for Engineering

Predict, plan, monitor: a single orchestration for product management

Management solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics mean effective responses to strategic demands such as process integration, reduction of project timelines, and improved financial and process monitoring.

In the field of engineering, ERP systems must manage processes within complex scenarios, including analysis, planning, and production processes, as well as the entire plant lifecycle.

EOS Solutions has thus developed a vertical solution that provides an effective answer to strategic requirements such as process integration, reduction of the time required to conduct processes, and financial and planning control capabilities.

The functionalities involved cover a wide range of critical areas, optimizing the management of production, human resources, and financial and logistical aspects. Project management is simplified, optimizing the management of facilities and building sites.

Specific solutions provide reliable planning tools for efficient management of linked project phases, offering an overall vision of the project and the integration of business data. The reliability of financial planning features is guaranteed by cost monitoring and careful risk management, vital aspects in a project-oriented business strategy.

Customized vertical integration also improves cost, time and resource management, enabling real-time monitoring of the order status. Furthermore, the integration of CAD software into the ERP platform speeds up the creation of technical documents.


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