ERP solutions for Discrete Manufacturing

Meeting deadlines, respecting contract terms, and ensuring high quality: that’s how we serve our customers best

EOS Solutions partners with companies to redesign their internal processes using the power of Microsoft Dynamics management software.

The field of discrete manufacturing has to face the needs of a market that is based on production volume and is increasingly oriented towards shortening time to market, imposing provisioning and stocking strategies influenced by the constant need to meet deadlines, quantities, and quality levels.
By combining our know-how with the potential of Microsoft Dynamics, EOS Solutions supports companies by redesigning their processes, with an eye to improving overall performance by increasing operating efficiency and the monitoring of all business processes.

The functionalities address the needs of various critical areas. As far as production is concerned, Business Intelligence tools make it easier to monitor efficiency objectives throughout the production cycle, improving planning capabilities and demand forecasts. Thanks to product configuration functionalities, with the possible integration of PLM systems, management of the entire production cycle is centralized.

Integration with CRM modules helps strengthen the sales process and improve sales tools. Specifically designed functionalities target the procurement process, for example by making data available to buyers to allow them to identify the best supply. Moreover, specific tools are capable of improving logistics, transport, and delivery efficiency through an integrated logic that guarantees speed and flexibility.

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