Customer Vendor Compensation

Compensation of Customer/Vendor Documents for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The App allows you to select lines from two lists of accounting items to compensate. It’s a financial feature that allows to apply credits and debits between customers and vendors that represent the same company, closing the documents with relative payments so that the balance of giving / receiving is zero.

For example, if you select select a Customer invoice which total is €100 and a Vendor invoice which total is €80, it will be suggested the entry to connect the two accounting items: the Vendor invoice will be €0 and the Customer invoice will now be open for €20.

How it works

The page Compensation shows two lists of accounting items. You can choose if the system will show open/closed/all entries. And you can also filter by Posting Date, Payment Method or Currency.

The Compensation feature allows you to start from a Customer or a Vendor and make the system select the accounting items. It is also possible to reset the compensation and select the accounting items again.

There are three possible options...

Entries / Linked Entries Mode

Depending on the assets selected the system will propose the connected entries. Posting the payment, the journal registers all the entries and connects them to the selected documents.

"On Balance" Mode

You select only entries of a section (Source), e.g. Customer and pressing "Suggest Compensation Lines" the system will propose only the lines of closure of selected invoices and will add a single record to the Vendor (Recipient) without connecting to any accounting item (you can make the connection manually later). This is achieved only when the balance of the Recipient does not become negative.

Semiautomatic compensation

You select only an entry of the Source, then you go to Actions, "Auto-Comp From" and choose Vendor Entry. The system will try to connect the entry selected to the lines of the Recipient section by FIFO. It can also be done in reverse, starting from a Vendor movement.

Prices are per customer and for 12 months

Pricing Options

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