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Market leader in the sector of high-precision mechanical components, in particular of recirculating ball screws, for both the aeronautics and industrial sectors, the Umbra Group has grown immensely in recent years through the acquisition of foreign companies. Today, it’s streamlined operations and smart integrations have made it an international group with four branches in Europe and one in the United States, a workforce of about a thousand people, and a turnover of approximately 130 million euros.

Its international scope, with the possibility of new acquisitions in the future, clashed with a management system that was unable to deal with the complexity of the group. Working with the EOS Solutions team, the group decided to turn to business process reengineering with the aim of centralizing the organizational architecture, standardizing processes, and facilitating the sharing of business data among the various companies in the group.

The heart of the intervention was Microsoft Dynamics AX, which introduced a single intercompany management model and improved overall performance, ranging from cost and production control to faster response time to customer enquiries and the speed with which newly acquired companies are integrated. This is why, during the acquisition of PKE, a German company, the old SAP information system could be replaced with Microsoft Dynamics AX in less than two months, adapting all processes to the group’s business platform.


The business process reengineering project achieved full integration of all production, commercial, and logistics processes, with an overall improvement in the business performance of the entire group. Today the management can rely on a single and rational organizational system that corresponds to the needs of a small multinational and that, when necessary, permits the rapid integration of new acquisitions. The global implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform has allowed the different companies to share business data, lowering management costs while improving planning and control capabilities, as well as human resources management. Specific benefits have been added by the Business Intelligence module, which has bolstered monitoring of the efficiency objectives of the production cycle. Additionally, the human resources component has made it possible to shift to streamlined and structured management of the various professional figures, facilitating competency certification (vital in the aeronautics sector). The integrated management of the entire production chain has helped shorten delivery time as well as response time to customer enquiries.

Customer Information

1000 in 4 companies between Europe and USA
Ball screws and components for high-tech applications
Microsoft Dynamics AX
+ EOS Business Intelligence

The EOS Solutions team has supported us with a detailed analysis of processes and a centralized implementation plan that involves the personnel of local branches in every phase of the project, sharing consistency objectives, process optimization, and effectiveness in responding to the complex management needs of the production cycle.

Enrico Castiglionesi, Information System Manager

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