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Creating and transforming content: this is the business of STAR7, a benchmark in the world of product information for more than 20 years. To transform insights into projects, information into documentation, images into experiences. To build around each industrial project an ecosystem of content capable of transforming it into a success story.

Founded in Alessandria in 2000 as the Italian subsidiary of Star Group, in just over 20 years the company has taken on an international dimension and a service offering defined as Integrale7. With 7 offices in Italy and 18 worldwide, and more than 700 employees, STAR7 offers a multi-service approach unique in the market.


The breadth of services, the centrality of content and the internationality of the company marked the way forward for the digitalization of the enterprise. Starting from these elements, EOS Solutions has developed a digitalization project that declines for a service company the digital tools and applications typically used by manufacturing companies.

An innovative, complex and integrated solution that can also support the group with future business developments.

Specifically, STAR7's needs can be summarized in 3 points:

  • renew the original ERP system, which was fragmented and inadequate for the new operational needs, creating an information flow linked to each job order
  • enable intercompany management, to allow different service lines to participate in data management in a homogeneous and efficient way
  • introduce a workflow for data management, to share information with the different companies from the group, thus reducing costs and the possibility of error

The solution

The solution proposed by EOS Solutions included Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to organically manage the entire information process, from job order management to accounting to purchasing and sales. The ERP was then integrated with a number of useful apps for the timely management of specific activities, such as the Finance kit apps essential for managing the job order and monthly closing activities; the Data Security app for adding workflows and mandatory fields; and the Master Data Intercompany app for sharing data across locations. Further integration with departmental systems was made to import purchases and sales by collecting data from operational activities. The introduction of EMA and Power BI completed the process, enabling the structuring of the income statement by service line and data analysis.

Client Information


Thanks to EOS Solutions' system, STAR7 has improved its operations. Standardization of information processes, monitoring of the progress of the order, efficiency and integrity of information, and improvement of decision making from analysis are not just digital solutions but real strategic assets. Key elements that consolidate the company and propel it into a future of growth and development.

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