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Rulmeca needed to create a single working group with an integrated organizational model and shared management methodologies. In adopting Microsoft Dynamics AX, Rulmeca initiated a Business Process Reengineering project that included the redesign of all procedures and protocols at both a business and industrial level. The Microsoft Dynamics AX solution allowed Rulmeca to unify and integrate the Group’s diverse companies as well as to facilitate the reorganization of future acquisitions abroad.


Business Process Reengineering allowed Rulmeca to standardize and integrate processes and procedures among the many diverse areas of its Group. The use of a single, integrated model streamlined and improved both management and cost control and accounting analysis.

In addition, by standardizing language, Rulmeca was able to streamline its manufacturing processes, improving its visibility in the marketplace with a shared logic for the description and presentation of its products. Standardized encoding of raw materials and components, in fact, gave Rulmeca the power to consolidate the requirements of all of the Group’s member companies and keep costs under control.

The Business Process Reengineering approach, finally, brought business information together with thoroughly tested and consolidated IT systems and tools that can easily be applied to new companies that may eventually become part of the Group’s structure.

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The Rulmeca Group includes ten manufacturing facilities, seven commercial businesses, and two administrative offices entirely owned and operated by the Italian holding company.
Components for the materials handling industry
Microsoft Dynamics AX

The Business Process Reengineering project, implemented by means of Microsoft Dynamics AX, allowed us to centralize the management of our company and strengthen our ability to control costs and analyze profits. Centralization of operating functions for all the companies in the Rulmeca Group, in turn, helped us keep maintenance costs under control.

Andrea Brignoli, IT Manager

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