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Parcol is an Italian manufacturer that produces industrial automation products, including pneumatic controllers, control and safety valves, and pressure reducing and desuperheating stations. The building of a new facility in China led Parcol to seek a new management and communications system that was integrated, efficient, effective, and easy to use.

Parcol needed to make a vast amount of company information available and accessible to all, in exactly the same way, not solely in Italy but worldwide. To accomplish that goal, Parcol chose a “user friendly” ERP easily integrated into existing office and planning systems and capable of “hosting” all necessary documentation and placing it within reach.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV with vertical Engineering, a solution specifically designed for companies that operate on a project basis, met Parcol’s needs, and the firm quickly began to realize benefits in everyday operational efficiency. The development of new applications was extremely fast and, in particular, Microsoft Dynamics NAV standards immediately provided safe, easy to use multilingual solutions that could be integrated seamlessly into the ERP system.

Parcol found a great deal to appreciate in the data navigation capabilities, including the option of attaching documents in virtually any context. The result was that large amounts of information (which had previously existed only in paper form) became available and could be precisely connected within the system to further increase accessibility.

In addition, management of production via complete “job structuring” gave Parcol a more detailed and easier-to-manage overview of their entire operation.

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Parcol S.p.A.
Automobiles and industrial machinery
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
+ Engineering

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Parcol implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV to strengthen both its flexibility and management capabilities

Paolo Pecetti, Direktor Verwaltung und Finanzen

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