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The Miotto Generale Petroli company has chosen to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the PETROL vertical integration. Developed for companies that distribute petroleum products, it is able to address the requirements arising from the different commercial policies and fiscal regulations in place in the oil industry.

PETROL is comprehensive, modular, flexible, and easy to learn and use.
DGM, a company based in Udine that is part of the EOS Solutions Group, has developed the vertical integration for the implementation process.


The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the PETROL vertical integration has made it possible to start monitoring the customers’ situations and manage supply limitations through the loan management features. This prevents the company from overexposing itself to financial risks.

The solution has made it possible to manage profit margins, characterized by extremely variable values, thanks to customization of the sales area, which – along with the ability to generate specific reports – permits constant and ongoing monitoring of the customer’s situation. Thanks to PETROL and its customization, the company can readily comply with financial and legislative regulations.

Client Informations

Fuels, bitumen, fuel oils, and lubricants
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Together, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and vertical PETROL allow Miotto Generale Petroli to monitor every aspect of its client relations and to comply fully with legal and regulatory requirements.

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