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Giuso has been a leading manufacturer of compound ingredients and semifinished products for patisserie, confectionery and ice-cream for nearly 100 years. Giuso addresses exclusively to ice cream makers and confectioners and it represents today on the market a virtuous example of Made in Italy. Giuso workes on the local market, supplying 3.500 customers, and it is also present in 40 international countries. Thanks to company values such as quality, tradition, innovation, transparency and passion, Giuso has faced market obstacles and challenges and reached success.


The needs that brought Giuso to develop this new project have been the necessity to interface some departmental software (WMS in particular) implemented after a new site construction and the need to have an ERP strictly integrated to Office. Moreover Giuso required more integration between processes, as well as the possibility to have data in a simple and efficient way, with the aim to improve all users’ job.


In order to track data automatically Quality, Warehouse, Manufacturing and Logistics modules have been implemented. Ad hoc screens have been created to manage manufacturing and order billing. For sales force a simplified ad hoc interface has been created in order to allow agents to enter orders easily. Moreover, agents will be able to browse all relevant data, thanks to Business Central CRM implementation.


With the introduction of Dynamics ERP the main benefits have been a faster data accessibility in the system, with positive consequences on users’ work. Giuso spa has obtained a better control on data and a better integration with all Office instruments.

Client Information

Compound ingredients and semifinished products for patisserie, confectionery and ice-cream
Microsoft Dynamics ERP
+ FoodSuite

We have chosen Microsoft Dynamics ERP especially for flexibility and ease of integration. Microsoft Dynamics allows users to transfer data with a simple clic to a Excel or Word sheet, and users would not be able to give up using it. Business Central flexibility has given us the possibility to create ad hoc windows for users, both for manufacturing and for order billing management: in fact, today Customer Care staff can answer in a simple and faster way to all customer and sales force requests, without moving continuously from a screen to another.

Carlo Canestri, CEO

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