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When the company came under new ownership in 2003, it became fundamental to standardize the processes and establish better communication among the different parts of the group. The team from EOS Solutions worked closely with the new management to reconfigure the organizational structure. Microsoft Dynamics AX was at the heart of this process to streamline the company’s business dynamics, and centralize the management and control of the entire organization, focusing on the highest level of integration in order to enhance productivity and profitability. The need to optimize the management of large orders, rarely suitable for standardized procedures, was addressed by implementing Microsoft Office Project Server, an effective tool for streamlining the management of people and activities, guaranteeing verification of orders that have been placed and constant monitoring of their status.

The solution yielded tangible benefits, which were quantified several years later: ROI rose by 35%, average sector value by 5%, and production value by 35% (figures for the two-year period of 2003–05). The owner has also acquired full awareness and control of the group’s business dynamics in their various planning, productive and financial aspects.


Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics AX and the support of the EOS Solutions team, Generale Prefabbricati-VGroup has overhauled its information system, bringing a substantial positive change to its business dynamics, including planning, production, and financial management.

Checks conducted several years later confirmed the benefits generated by the new solution. By streamlining business processes, it is now possible to monitor management performance constantly, ensuring full awareness of organizational and production dynamics. This is a transversal type of efficiency that makes it possible to monitor each project as a whole or focus on specific aspects (technical, production-related, financial).

The organizational boost imparted to the entire business structure has encouraged the redefinition of roles, motivating each employee to feel part of a big system that produces and deals with important orders, rather than merely being part of an individual project. Microsoft Dynamics AX has also proven to be an excellent choice when Generale Prefabbricati-VGroup finds itself having to work directly from the building site – a very frequent occurrence – because it is easy to set up and connect new mobile production sites.

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Product type
Prefabricated structural components made of reinforced concrete and tempered steel
Microsoft Dynamics AX
+ Microsoft Office Project Server

By introducing a single process management model, Microsoft Dynamics AX has integrated different business departments. Consequently, administration, production, and planning now work synergistically and people are aware that they are part of a single environment.

Paolo Pecetti, Administration and Finance

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