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In 2008, with the support of EOS Solutions, the company undertook a project to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX, mainly focusing on two needs: creating an organizational architecture based on a group logic, making use of intercompany functionalities; improving business efficiency in terms of logistics, transport, and delivery through an integrated logic that guarantees shorter time frames and flexible logistics. The project was aimed at reducing order-clearing times, and optimize warehouse withdrawals (by sharing data about product availability and location) and transport (making it possible to deliver more than one order with the same effort).

Special attention was paid to the sales process, with the development of a management system for the agents’ activity, making it possible to create incentive-based systems with rewards and automatically calculate commissions. In the financial field, procedures were implemented for the specialized management of credit limits and debt recovery.


The integration of production, commercial, and logistical processes helped optimize costs and led to an overall improvement in the performance of the group, particularly regarding delivery time and costs. Real-time sharing of information regarding the availability and location of products inside the warehouses of the various companies has helped speed up product identification processes.

Loading plans defined to group the deliveries regardless of the origin of the order have optimized transport cost and dynamics, making it possible to choose the most cost-effective carrier according to the product, collection location, delivery time, and location, working on a case-by-case basis.

Significant benefits were also noticed in handling the sales process, achieving full control over the management of agents, in particular regarding the development of incentive-based systems with rewards based on sales volume and value, and the automatic calculation of commissions.

Important benefits were also obtained through the centralized management of credit limits and debt recovery.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX

The implementation of MS Dynamics AX, with the constant support of EOS Solutions, has solved the most critical issues related to delivery processes, accelerating our timing and optimizing delivery costs.

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