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Dresser manufactures and sells advanced-technology equipment and specialized services to the energy industry and allied fields. Dresser needed to be able to:

  • track costs and profits by cost center
  • manage quality control
  • verify that master data were correctly entered
  • manage the process of order entry and approval and monitor spending limits on purchase orders

Dresser required precision and punctuality in monitoring of its company data and in the management of all processes and procedures. Microsoft Dynamics NAV was implemented in Dresser’s Finance and Manufacturing areas with the integrated Cost Accounting module for analytic accounting along with the Quality Management and Data Security (workflow) modules. Using state management techniques, the Data Security add-on created an approval/modification stream using master data and main active and passive documents. The Quality add-on provided management of quality control in procurement and production with the definition of monitoring plans and connection to other operations such as the receipt of goods or their production.


As a result of the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, warehouse management improved both physically and at an accounting level. Today, the solution successfully supports production conversion from simple to technologically more complex products and offers integrated management of passive and active cycles. Service’s management mode allowed Dresser to enter into turnkey contracts with major players in the oil and gas industry.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Dresser produces and sells advanced-technology equipment and specialized services for the energy market and allied industries. Dresser chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage financial and manufacturing areas with success.

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