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Cremonesi is synonymous with energy efficiency: it requalifies, designs, realizes and manages thermal systems. The objective is energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, to reduce energy costs and polluting emissions of houses, companies and public administration.

Cremonesi has been looking to the future of energy and the environment since 1964, evolving first into an energy consulting company, then into an Energy Service Company and finally being acquired in 2020 by the Italian Fund for Energy Efficiency, confirming the brilliant work done over the years.


Cremonesi expressed the need to be able to better track all of their customers' interactions without missing any information.

The company also wanted to leverage CRM as a "place" where salespeople can record and retrieve all customer information, with segmentation and profiling data to better relate to their stakeholders.

Finally, the need was expressed to be able to manage in detail the information on the buildings and therefore have all the data relating to the management of the sales opportunity tracked.

The solution

A Dynamics 365 Sales solution with Outlook and SharePoint Integration was implemented for Cremonesi. The platform encompasses a sales process that begins with lead management and ends with the sales opportunity, allowing for the best management of all necessary Information for buildings.

With Dynamics 365 CRM it is possible to track and develop all the activities carried out with the customer (visits, appointments, phone calls, emails) within a single system, benefiting from a total visibility of the customer's situation, with all the necessary information.

The native integration with the Microsoft Ecosystem, in particular with Outlook, has brought added value to the daily use of the application with the functionality of recording emails and appointments.

Cremonesi's sales process is therefore digitalized from lead management to detailed processing of the sales opportunity and creation of the offer printout.

Client Information

Services / energy requalification
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
+ Microsoft 365 (Outlook)
+ Microsoft SharePoint


With the implementation of a Customer Engagement solution, the benefits are not only in having all customer information centralized in one system, but also in native integrations with Microsoft applications.

Give salespeople an everyday tool in which to easily share information about ongoing negotiations.

Thanks to the configuration with SharePoint, documents are manageable directly from Dynamics CRM and retrievable from the SharePoint Site, structured in a hierarchical way starting from the customer of interest.

By adopting a CRM system, you not only adopt a global business best practice, but you transform the way you work by digitalizing your entire business structure.

Want to learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics 365-based digitalization solutions and how to adapt them to your company's specific needs?

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