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Compressori Veneta deals with design, energy auditing, consulting, resale, rental and service of products for compressed gas, strategic center of KAESER COMPRESSORI and PARKER. Thanks to its expertise and professionalism, it is the only company in the sector that has obtained ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications from DNV.


In view of an expansion of the sales and service force in a path of digital reorganization, as well as the development of new projects and products with INDUSTRY 4.0 compatible logics, Compressori Veneta has chosen to start the digitalization process with the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the sales force, with a gradual opening to the customer service area (back-office and field).

The main need is to be able to record the relationship with existing customers as well as potential new ones, displaying data from ERP (historical orders, service reports, installed base ...) and at the same time the commitments: emails, appointments, activities ... all conveniently synchronized with Outlook.

Centralizing contact information in CRM aims to grant salespeople all the information they need to create and manage as many opportunities as possible, and then propose complete, branded offers quickly; simultaneously sharing progress with managers and the back office.

The solution

The intention to use Dynamics CRM as a hub, i.e. as a container for all the main information regarding the customer, was easily accomplished, despite the potential difficulties identifiable by the adoption of an old generation and highly customized ERP, thanks to the use of Kingswaysoft. An extremely configurable and adaptable product, Kingswaysoft is also used for automation processes, such as assigning a task to salespeople for "flagged" service reports.

The biggest challenge was to prepare a Word print template that could fit into the sales process and adapt to the various types of sales: among all, the difference between sales offers and rental offers; requiring the user to enter technical design data based on the main item proposed. The developed solution is extremely configurable.


The advantage of the solution is that it gives sellers an everyday tool in which to easily share information about their ongoing negotiations, while at the same time allowing managers to use this information to strategically analyze the future of the market.

Sharing of customer information, which previously was not recorded by the organization but simply stored by the customer's direct account.

Greater independence on the part of salespeople, who too often found themselves asking the administration for information about the customer and his documents because they could not find it themselves.

Greater collaboration between the service department and the sales department.

Greater fluidity in the composition of offers.

Client Information

Digitalizing all business processes was the challenge Compressori Veneta set itself during 2019. The pandemic did not prevent us from continuing the work started. The idea behind the project involves the implementation of a user friendly platform capable of allowing all users easy and intuitive access.

From this "must" began the market research that identified Microsoft 365 as the basic architecture on which to implement the digitalization process. Basically, the aim was to set up digitalization using the everyday Office package as the interface.

The partnership with EOS allowed us, thanks to the skills and professionalism but above all to the problem solving abilities of the Project Manager, to translate our needs into processes. EOS has optimally managed the development and integration of the information coming from the service technicians for the sales network. The digitalization process started with the introduction of Dynamics 365 foresees as next steps the adoption of the ERP and the app for the management of the service on field. The vision of the project, which Compressori Veneta has named DIGITAL INTEGRATION, foresees the completion of the path in 2023. At that time all Compressori Veneta processes will be digitalized on Microsoft platform thanks to EOS.

Ing. Gianluca Zanovello, Compressori Veneta

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