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Company expansion and business growth have led to the need to review operating processes, with the aim of acquiring a more managerial approach and enhancing commercial incisiveness. One of the priorities was to centralize the management of vertical integrations, conforming the processes and facilitating data sharing.

Our team at EOS Solutions worked with CMT’s management on business process reengineering actions, implemented through Microsoft Dynamics AX. Each intervention was aimed at integrating the processes, facilitating the centralization of management functions and allowing the company to become fully capable of regularly monitoring and planning all operations. Logistics processes have also been accelerated through the procedures integration system. The overall result of the implementation is full control over the supply chain, excellent commercial responsiveness, and better service to customers, who can now count on fast and, most importantly, reliable answers.


The consolidation of procedures and information has increased the company’s commercial responsiveness. Today agents and the marketing team work on the same models, which have been developed to minimize the margins of error.

The degree of control over the supply chain has improved thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, increasing the level of data awareness and thus making it possible to give the customers quick and reliable answers.

The most positive benefits we’ve observed are lower management costs, achieved thanks to more centralized operations, and quicker logistics processes, through the integration of procedures and a computerized management system for shipping orders. The flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics AX has made it possible to integrate the new solution with the company’s old systems, thus avoiding the need for a complete overhaul. Therefore, the company was able to capitalize on past investments, such as the Bertello system for automatic warehouse management.

By developing a customized application, EOS Solutions has brought the data for CMT Utensili’s eight automatic warehouses into Microsoft Dynamics AX, giving operators a complete overview of inventory status.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX
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+ Microsoft SQL Server
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As to the management of production flows, we have filled all the gaps. Today we retain full control over the supply chain and an overview of data that allows us to give customers reliable answers much faster.

Massimo Ricci, Commercial and Marketing Director

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