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Over time, it gradually became necessary to unite the group under a single organizational model with a common management approach. At the beginning of 2010, working with EOS Solutions, the company decided to undertake a project with the aim of identifying a single organizational model to be extended to the entire group, in order to harmonize supply chain administration, as well as planning and management control.

A business process reengineering intervention was carried out to redefine these processes, linking them with the chosen organizational model. We then started a pilot project at the production plant in Germany. Our solution was an accurate translation of the identified model into technical terms, and it was then implemented with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

The short amount of time required to put the model into practice (four months) proved that the right model and control processes had been chosen, and also demonstrated the platform’s efficiency, underscored by the very low level of system customization that was required. The German company has moved from having virtually no organized structure or information systems, to gaining the ability to control their processes through the functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The pilot project represents a concrete and successful example of the new organizational model, which can now easily be implemented in other settings.


The implementation of the solution at the German company provided immense insight into the value of this project, strengthening Bundy’s objective of gradually expanding the new organizational model to the other branches of the group. In fact, the German company has gone from having virtually no organized structure and a shortage of information systems, to being an organized company that can control its processes, regulated and planned by making the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform fully operational. The work done on the German company represents a concrete and successful example of the new organizational model, which can now easily be implemented in other settings.

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1,400 in seven companies in Europe and Latin America
Integrated cooling systems
Europa und Lateinamerika
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Microsoft Dynamics AX permitted the practical application of the model we had chosen. The implementation of the pilot project allowed us to perform precise gap analyses of the company’s organizational status, relating them to the best practices that were pinpointed for our group.

Roberto Passerini, BU Manager, Microsoft Dynamics AX

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