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The vertical integration was implemented with its basic functionalities, including:

  • GDO (large-scale retail trade) and EDI management
  • Meat cutting and processing
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Management control
  • Production planning and monitoring

The customer needed a reliable and flexible integrated solution that could simplify all operations related to production control and traceability through advanced monitoring tools. In short, it needed a solution that would make it possible to monitor the perishability of its products, guaranteeing better safety and quality, and lowering costs.


Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics ERP and FoodSuite, it was possible to check meat weight from within the system, clear orders on time, and gain traceability control over the entire production chain. All of this was achieved thanks to full integration with the machinery throughout the production chain (touch screens, barcodes, and packaging and labeling lines).

This integrated and flexible solution has simplified all production control operations and has made perishability controls easy, ensuring greater safety, high quality, and lower costs.

Moreover, thanks to the automated control of each single process within the business, we can comply with European safety regulations.

(Andrea Aliprandi – Manager and Leonardo Nicola – EDP Manager)

Client Information

Sausages, smoked and cured meats
Microsoft Dynamics ERP
+ FoodSuite

Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft’s technology, we are benefiting from undoubted advantages in terms of prompt information, flexibility, speed, and data security.

Andrea Aliprandi, Manager

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