Reception Manager

PowerApp for the management of the company reception.

Reception Manager is an intelligent app for the management of the company reception, with facial recognition of the guest.

Reception Manager is based on Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate technologies; through the Azure services for Artificial Intelligence it is possible to automatically recognize the visitor.

Integration with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP allows the app to access the staff list, to "associate" each guest with his / her contact person in the company, and to update the register of entries and exits through Power Automate. This way it is possible to check in real time the presence of guests in the company.

Integration with the Office 365 world allows you to use Teams and / or Outlook to send guest's arrival alert to the internal contact. Finally, it will be possible to synchronize the new appointments on Dynamics 365 CRM.

Main benefits for the user

  • Visitors registration
  • Digital signature
  • Visitor arrival alert to internal contact person
  • Facial recognition of the guest for subsequent visits
  • Badge printing
  • Updating the Visitors Register

Video tutorial

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