Purchase Request

Manage purchase requests of goods / services in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Do you want to manage internal purchase requests from colleagues? Are you looking for a simple way to check-approve-convert it to order? Do you need to archive or duplicate purchase requests?

The Purchase Request app allows you to manage the business process related to requests for the purchase of goods / services.

Purchase Request for Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to:

  • Generate orders and quotes directly from the PRQ (Purchase Requests)
  • Archive closed PRQs
  • Group several requests into one
  • Differentiate the PRQs by category

Main benefits for the user

  • save time, reducing emails and unmanaged purchase requests
  • give users a simple way to insert purchase requests directly in the ERP system
  • enable advanced approvals or start with a simple four state management (Open, Awaiting, Approved, Closed)
  • improve efficiency by merging different purchase requests
  • create quotes or orders directly from purchase requests
  • add quotes or order lines to existing documents getting existing purchase request lines

Quick guide

With Purchase Request for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can...

  1. Set a Number of series in the setup
  2. Create a Purchase Request
  3. Create an order/quote directly from the PRQ
  4. Choose whether to duplicate / archive the PRQ
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