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EOS Apps for Business Central: Online Pricing

EX003 EDS Data Security No Yes Yes 750
EX023 EMA Extended Management Accounting EX001, EX053 Yes Yes 750
EX027 EBA EMA Budget Allocation EX001, EX023, EX053 Yes Yes 600
EX028 CFG Product Configurator EX028 Yes Yes 1100
EX028.01 CFG Product Configurator for Manufacturing EX028 Yes Yes 1100
EX034 CSF Advanced Cash Flow EX042 Yes Yes 300
EX042 IPL Invoicing Plan No Yes Yes 300
EX058 SCM Advanced sales forecasting and SCM No Yes Planned 750
EX059 MDI MDI Master Data Intercompany No Yes Yes 600
EX051 DUM Dual Unit of Measure EX047 Yes Yes 1100
EX052 IAE Intercompany Accounting Eliminations No Yes Yes 300
EX060 PLM Plant Maintenance No Yes Yes 750
EX061 PQA Product Quality Assurance No Yes Yes 750
EX069.01 DCS DocSolutions for File System No Yes No 750
EX069.02 DCS DocSolutions for ARX Next No Yes TBD 750
EX069.03 DCS DocSolutions for Sharepoint No Yes Yes 750
EX072 GDPR GDPR Toolset No Yes Yes 300
EX001 SGL Accruals and Simulated General Ledger No Yes Yes 750
EX065 PDA Edit Posted Data No Yes Yes 240
EX005 BNK Bank Files for Italy No Yes Yes 300
EX008 CVS Advanced Customer Vendor Statements for Italy No Yes Yes 300
EX012 DDM Due Dates Management No Yes Yes 300
EX015 ECB Historical ECB Exchange Rates No Yes Yes 0
EX018 EVS Electronic VAT Settlement for Italy No Yes Yes 450
EX019 ITR Advanced Intrastat for Italy No Yes Yes 150
EX020 VMI VAT Management for Italy No Yes Yes 450
EX022 GLA General Ledger Application No Yes Yes 150
EX025 CVC Customer Vendor Compensation No Yes Yes 300
EX032 EBR Extended Bank Reconciliation No Yes Yes 300
EX035 VIES Bulk VIES VAT Number Check No Yes Planned 50
EX036 ECU Certificazione Unica Agenzia delle Entrate No Yes Yes 300
EX037 DDD Detailed Document Discount No Yes Yes 450
EX044 SBI Self Billing for Italy EX009 Deprecated Deprecated 300
EX045 DMT Advanced Dimensions Management No Yes Yes 300
EX063 FTE Electronic Invoice for Italy No Yes Yes 750
EX073 CJE Compress Journal Entries No Yes Yes 30
EX031 CONAI CONAI No Yes Yes 300
EX041 CDW Close Documents without Invoicing No Yes Yes 300
EX047 OVR Over- and Underdelivery Quantities No Yes Yes 300
EX006 CWS Combine Warehouse Shipment No Yes Yes 450
EX053 IVC Inventory Valuation and Costing No Yes Yes 300
EX056 ISL Inventory with Serial and Lot Number No Yes Yes 300
EX071 IVP Inventory Register No Yes Yes 50
EX029 EPM Empties Management EX047 Yes Yes 750
EX030 HUM Handling Units Management EX047 Yes Yes 750
EX038 ETC Transport Costs EX006 Yes Yes 450
EX091 PTS Product technical specification No Yes Yes 450
EX092 DRP Delivery Route Planner No Yes Planned 720
EX074 EDI EDI No Yes Planned 600
EX049 SPP Sales and Purchase Promotions for WholeSales EX037 Yes Yes 1100
EX075 SPB Sales and Purchase Bonus No Yes Yes 1100
EX070 MES MES Manufacturing execution system No Yes Yes 300
EX076 MBT Manufacturing base toolkit No Yes Yes 300
EX085 MMM Manufacturing masterdata management No Yes Yes 300
EX086 MPL Manufacturing planning EX076 Yes Yes 300
EX040 - Show Comments on Documents No Yes Yes 30
EX064 - Bulk Email to customers and vendors No Yes Yes 0
EX067 CDF Custom Defined Fields No Yes Yes 300
EX078 - Bulk PEC Email to customers for Italy No Yes Yes 0
EX046 PRQ Purchase Request No Yes Yes 750
EX048 PDR Delivery Reminders No Yes Yes 300
EX050 ECS Extended Combine Shipment No Yes Yes 300
EX043 SFG Sales Free Goods No Yes Yes 300
EX055 PCK Packing List EX047 Yes Yes 300
EX062 ZAI Zero Amount Invoice No Yes Yes 300
EX010 CMS Commissions No Yes Yes 600
EX011 CMS Enasarco and FIRR EX010 Yes Yes 300

Prices are intended for one Business Central Tenant. Price includes unlimited companies, users, production and sandbox environments within the same tenant.